Cryptocurrency for women investors is a worthy topic because women are not participating enough in crypto investing. And this is an issue. Cryptocurrency is a modern financial instrument that comes with an old gender problem. Just like the low participation of women in the stock market throughout history, women in the decentralized and digital finance world are lacking.

Cryptocurrencies and women investors

Traditional vs. Crypto Investing Under Gender Lenses

Cryptocurrency: Percentage of Women Investors

According to a CNBC and Acord investor survey, only 7 percent of women invest in cryptocurrency.

Gender disparity has been a persistent problem for women’s economic independence. Traditional jobs push women down. The jobs where women are offered the same positions, in fact, pay less than men’s salaries for the same work. It is generally safe to say that the real economy widens the gender disparity in the financial economy.

In contrast, cryptocurrency is friendly to women investors. Cryptocurrency has ushered in a new and decentralized era of finance where wealth-making opportunities should be democratized. It is not controlled by a single authority to push any gender behind. Therefore, earning and making wealth opportunities are theoretically equal.

Despite being aware of the potential economic benefits and the popularity of cryptocurrency, the modern woman fails to keep pace with men in this new investing space.

Recent data revealed that gender disparity is double-fold with half of the women’s participation and ownership.

Crypto is a highly volatile market with a potentially high profit and higher yield than traditional investing. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies have matured in value over the last decade. The ultimate case study is the first crypto ever, Bitcoin that has experienced a meteoric increase. Around 2008, 1000 bitcoins were for $100 and now they are worth almost $50 million.

Ways Cryptocurrency can help Women

With the new earning and wealth-making opportunities, crypto trading and investing present a financial opportunity for women. Indeed, cryptocurrency offers a plethora of earning and profit-making possibilities, of course, not risk-free.

As expected, in late 2010, when bitcoin became popular only men were taking advantage and paving their way in the crypto world. Had a handful of women made their way, they would have been among the billionaire club today and might have been enabling many others.

Cryptocurrencies and women investors

Gender Gap in Crypto Investing

Earning at home

Cryptocurrency offers a way of earning not only through crypto trading. Many vendors now accept cryptocurrencies as payments. Many women cannot afford to step out from home due to kids, housework, and cultural issues. They can earn in Crypto. 99bitcoins.com accepts Bitcoin as an alternative form of payment, helps sellers with tutorials on Etsy. Etsy has 1.8 million vendors, among which 86% are women.

Women Economic Empowerment

Cryptocurrency promotes financial inclusion that helps women’s economic independence. Digital payments work on bank payments, and hence women are required to open bank accounts in their name and under their control, thereby lowering the unbanked among the women population.

Besides opening an account and taking control of one’s economic assets, setting the ground for earning streams is the more important part of economic empowerment.

More Women Entrepreneurs Through Crypto

More and more women are working to build their businesses or become entrepreneurs. Evidence reveals that microloans given to women have the greatest impact on them and on society overall. Nevertheless, today only a few women have crypto knowledge and are keen to participate in this new universe of value creation. Just imagine how many more entrepreneurs will rise if women start earning and making their money from Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies and women investors

Most Popular Crypto Coins Among Women

Barriers for Inclusion in Cryptocurrency

Women have faced a historic exclusion regarding personal finance and investments. These include signing mortgage, loan, systematic social norms, etc. In many instances, women cannot open bank accounts, access loans, etc., without a husband or male co-signer. Furthermore, even women are systematically discouraged from opting for high-salaried fields such as tech and science.

55% of women are unbanked, while in many countries, the ratio goes to 88% even. Access to bank accounts is the first step towards economic empowerment.  Controlling your own accounts and finances is the ultimate risk mitigator to your economic precarity.

Another issue is that women barely talk about financial literacy and opportunities to take advantage of. Awareness and social interaction are very important. However, Cryptocurrency is a nascent industry without the traditional barriers for women. Today, we have more access to social media groups, webinars, YouTube channels, online training, and programs. So, get to it as soon as you can!

Crypto Literacy is an impediment for Women Participation

Crypto Literacy is an impediment for Women Participation

Cryptocurrency and the Future

As you know well, crypto is still a nascent industry, but you would feel that the future is digital. It offers many other earning opportunities. By ignoring Crypto, you are shutting off possible opportunities. People are making money with NFTs, which too have low women’s participation. NFT and Metaverse might bring immense earning, wealth-making, and business opportunities that are the future of the digital world and should not be ignored.

Be aware and acknowledge. It is a valuable skill and art that you want to learn all the time and share knowledge with other players.

Cryptocurrency has broken down barriers in investing and earning by race; would it do the same for gender? Would women of all colors and races break the bias and pave the way in an already $2 trillion market and counting?

Authored by Afsheen Khan

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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