Is a virginity certificate still a sign of a girl’s honor? The presence of hymen in a girl’s body has been an important matter in most communities around the world, for ages.

This was the only sign of honor and purity for girls who are about to get married. The dishonor resulting from not having it could lead to ending the life of girls in quite some regions.

Societies Requested  a Virginity Proof

Virginity was the only proof of a girl’s honor. Hence, a virginity test has become a common practice to assess and validate the virtue, honor, and social value of the girl or her whole family, if we may say.

So, when a girl is about to get married, and this usually happens at a relatively early age, she must be a virgin. Her future husband has to be the first man to touch her. Even more than that, the more she is ignorant and naïve about sex the better. She is destined to learn about this aspect through her husband’s eyes!

Societies Have Evolved Since

Of course, these beliefs have come from the old days. Now, many communities went through dramatic changes and some developed more progressive behavior towards women’s rights. Some communities underwent deep intellectual revolutions thanks to civic, social, and feminist activists. Thus, we see that some have changed their minds that virginity is the only demonstration of a girl’s honor.

The “Virginity Check” is Unscientific

The so-called “virginity check” exercise, which is carried out to prove whether a girl has had vaginal intercourse, is described by the World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics, as unscientific and a violation of human rights.

UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR), UN WOMEN & the World Health Organization, WHO, says: ” this medically unnecessary, and often times painful, humiliating and traumatic practice must end”.

These UN agencies added that this practice has “no scientific or clinical basis” and that “there is no examination that can prove a girl or a woman has had sex” as the appearance of the girl’s or woman’s hymen cannot prove whether they have had sexual intercourse or are sexually active or not”


Virginity check

Virginity check or certificate as proof of honor

“Virginity Check” is Still the Norm in Many  Communities

Unfortunately, not all communities received the memo above. Some are still drowning in those dark customs. According to the UN agencies, there are at least 20 countries that are still doing this virginity check practice. The reasons stated include requests from parents, potential husbands, or even from potential employers!

Some still have their wedding ceremonies include the “virginity check & breaking the hymen” process done almost in public. They still celebrate the honorable girl, tearing her hymen with the future husband’s own hands and sharing this private moment with the family and wedding invitees!

Virginity Rituals Can be a Trauma for Many Girls

Sadly this brutal inhumane practice is still taking place in the world leaving behind psychologically unstable women who will probably be traumatized by it forever.

On the bright side, the continuous awareness campaigns paid off in relatively closed communities with enlightened and well-educated classes. Now, you get to see more of a normal guy who dignifies the girl and respects her privacy. He simply blows these old ideas away.

Hopefully, this change becomes mainstream and reaches every part of the world. We can then see this tradition taken from its roots and disappear forever as it should.

The World Still Needs More Education About Virginity Check & Rituals

We believe education and community activism play a major role in changing these beliefs and eradicating these practices.

Activism is paramount to recoup women’s dignity. Human beings are in full control of their own bodies and being forced to undergo any physical practices without full consent is completely unacceptable.

Authored by Yasmine Deraz

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