Kamala, the First Woman VP in US History, puts it this way when speaking about black women in society:  “Women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality, freedom, and justice for all. Including black women who are often overlooked, but so often, they prove that they are the backbone of our democracy.” 

Throughout history, black women have been forced to confront their identity as minorities while also questioning their own womanhood. In this chaotic environment, Kamala Harris has emerged as a strong politician courageously voicing out her opinions. 

Senator Kamala Harris has a unique and inspiring success journey. She is the first Indian American and only black woman senator in US history. Her life story is an example of the American dream in action, and she is an inspiration to young people everywhere. On Black History Month, let us know more about this powerful personality. 

Kamala’s Early Life and Childhood 

Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California, on October 20, 1964, to physician Donald Harris and civil rights activist Shyamala Gopalan Harris. Her parents divorced each other when she was a child. Her mother raised her single-handedly

Though she had a privileged childhood as she grew up in a well-educated and politically active family. Her upbringing was shaped in a particular manner as her mother strongly believed in the power of education. At a very young age, she had identified the racial discrimination and the trouble it creates in the black community. Her family had experienced it to an extent. 

Kamala Harris First Woman VP in US History

Kamala Harris First Woman VP in US History

When Harris was just nine years old, she marched in support of the Civil Rights movement. She also worked to help homeless people in her neighborhood and raise money for drug-free groups. 

In her school, Kamala was a stellar student and participated in many extracurricular activities, including head of the debate team and editor of the school newspaper. After high school, she attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she majored in economics and political science. There, she continued to work in the community, becoming the president of the Black Student Union.

The Political Career of the First Woman VP

After college, Harris worked as a civil rights attorney. In 2010, Kamala Harris ran for Attorney General of California. Kamala Harris won the election and became the first female and first Indian American attorney general of California. As attorney general, Kamala Harris increased the number of prosecutions of financial crimes. Kamala Harris also defended California’s ban on same-sex marriage. 

In 2016, Kamala Harris ran for United States Senate. Kamala Harris won the election and became the first Indian American United States senator. As a United States senator, Kamala Harris has advocated for universal healthcare and criminal justice reform. 

In the 2020 U.S President Election, Candidate Joe Biden selected  While choosing Harris as her mate, Joe Biden had said ‘I’m looking for a running mate who is smart and qualified, someone who can be president if something happened to me and Kamala Harris fits that bill.’ Their victory over Donald Trump created history in American politics. 

Kamala Harris First Woman VP in US History

Kamala Harris First Woman VP in US History

Beginning of the Kamala Harris Foundation

After she was elected, she continued her work, founding the Kamala Harris Foundation. The Kamala Harris Foundation focuses on two key areas: criminal justice reform and education. Senator Harris has long been a vocal advocate for reforming the criminal justice system, and she believes that education is key to helping people break the cycle of poverty.

The foundation has funded several initiatives, including a project that helps formerly incarcerated people transition back into society, a program that provides scholarships to high-achieving students from low-income families, and a project that aims to increase diversity in the tech industry.

Senator Harris is a role model for philanthropists everywhere. She is dedicated to using her voice and resources to help others, and she is proof that you can make a difference no matter how busy you are. 

Kamala’s Philanthropy Work, Aims, Views and Vision 

Kamala Harris has a long history of philanthropy work that she continues to engage in to this day. She has been involved in many different charitable organizations and has used her position as a senator to help promote these organizations and their work. Harris has also shown herself to be a generous donor, contributing both her time and money to various causes. Her philanthropy work is commendable and sets an example for others to follow.

Harris is in favor of increasing the minimum wage. In 2015, Harris announced her support for a bill that would incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

She has been a proponent of criminal justice reform. In 2015, she announced a plan to reform the bail system in California. The plan would have eliminated the use of money bail for most misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges.

Kamala openly supports abortion rights. In 2016, she announced her backing for a bill that would prohibit states from interfering with a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion.

She also promotes the gun control bill. In 2017, she announced her support for a bill that would prohibit the sale of firearms to people who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. 

She is a leader in the fight against sexual assault and harassment and has been a vocal opponent of the Trump administration. She has also been a strong advocate for progressive causes, such as single-payer healthcare and many others. Her achievements have made her one of the most promising young politicians in the country, and she is sure to have a bright future in politics.

Kamala Harris First Woman VP in US History

Kamala Harris First Woman VP in US History

VP’s Support of Black Community 

Kamala has a compelling personal story. Harris was raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. She knows what it’s like to be a woman of color trying to get ahead in America. That’s why she is supporting the community and fighting against racial discrimination in America. 

She has recently released a plan that would provide $500 million to black women entrepreneurs across the country. This initiative, named the Black Women’s Blueprint, aims to help grow the economy, in both urban and rural areas. It provides capital investments, education, and training, technology, and data initiatives to support small businesses. 

In an interview when the reporter asked her to speak on Black women’s issues Kamala Harris said: 

You know what I am so glad you want to talk about the economy. I am so glad you want to talk about national security. Because what we know is this: yes, some issues impact the Black community. Simply put, every issue is a black woman’s issue and black women’s issues are everyone’s issues.” 

Kamala Harris granted them equal respect and denied treating the Black community differently. She is a powerful woman. For better progress, we need many more women like her in the world! 

Authored by Aashna Chawla

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