Pakinam Kafafi is an innovator in the field of energy in Egypt. Pakinam has joined TAQA Arabia in 2006. Since then, she is taking pride in having an exceptional 24 years of track record of accomplishments, leading Egypt’s largest home-grown private sector in energy distribution. As TAQA CEO, Kafafi is setting the strategic direction of TAQA Arabia. Through an amalgamated leadership ability, influencing skills, and in-depth energy industry expertise. She delivered with her team on the group’s objectives and profit uplift amidst aggressive economic and market challenges.

Pakinam, the Woman Energy Innovator

Pakinam Kafafi has proven to the world and to her country that she is an innovator in the field of energy.  Under her realm, Taqa Arabia grew significantly by adding to the Power Sector in Egypt a capacity of over 1,000 MW. It also established 54 fuel stations, connecting more than 1 million household gas customers through a distribution network in 8 governorates in Egypt.

Moreover, under her leadership, Taqa realized an increase of 15% in electricity sold, 43% in gas residential customers, and 40% in oil in the years between 2014 and 2017.

Pakinam Kafafi Energy Innovator in Egypt

Pakinam Kafafi, Taqa CEO, an Innovator and a High Performer Business Leader in Egypt

Pakinam, an Empathetic Leader 

The employees of Taqa Arabia under Kafafi have also been highly valued. The company has given special care to the health of its employees and customers.  Taqa has also worked on climate change issues and taken initiatives to minimize the effect of its activities on the environment. Along those lines, the company targets a zero percent rate of defective operations, accidents, and zero environmental hostility.

Despite the challenging investment and political climate in Egypt, the company has not downsized. On the contrary, it focused on training programs related to crisis management and related fields. It then continued to uphold its commitment to technical training across each of its business arms.

Kafafi’s Career Journey

It’s worth mentioning that prior to joining TAQA Arabia, Kafafi built her career at EFG‐Hermes. There she rose to the position of vice president of  Investment Banking. She had successfully accomplished many privatization deals and acquisitions in Egypt at that time.  Then, she joined GENCO in 2003, where she held the position of Strategy and Investment General Manager at Gas & Energy Group.  When Genco was acquired in 2006, she moved to TAQA Arabia. 

Pakinam Kafafi, Forbes 50 Powerful Businesswomen

Pakinam Kafafi, Forbes 50 Powerful Businesswomen List

Pakinam Kafafi’s Social Contributions

The social responsibility dimension was not absent from the plans of TAQA Arabia under the management of Kafafi. The company has been committed to community endeavors as part of its corporate social responsibility program. Taqa upheld this tradition by contributing to Habitat for Humanity Egypt. The main goal of Habitat’s work in Egypt is to build and renovate homes for 10% of Egypt’s underprivileged citizens by 2023. To this day, the foundation has successfully built more than 20,000 homes for over 100,000 people who would otherwise find themselves homeless.

TAQA Arabia’s helping hand doesn’t stop there. It also contributed to Dar Al Omran foundation, an organization that improves living conditions and development in poor villages. It also continues to provide gas to mosques, churches, and residential customers at a subsidized price and sometimes completely free of charge. Taqa has also taken a public health initiative by equipping an eye clinic in Suez that provides constant medical care to the entire community. 

Pakinam, What is Next?

When Pakinam worked for Genco, Qalaa Holdings acquired Genco in 2006 and folded it into the newly formed TAQA Arabia. Last year TAQA Arabia postponed its highly-anticipated IPO.

Forbes named Pakinam Kafafi as one of the Middle East 50 most powerful businesswomen 2021

Authored by Yasmine Deraz

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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