Women are notorious for busy lives with house chores, childrens’ related tasks, their own personal care, and the care for their elder parents. Without passion, it is almost impossible for most women to have enough energy to work towards high and impactful goals outside their personal lives.

Reading about highly successful women who went through a lot, balanced their family life, and succeeded, the question that shouted inside my mind is: how did they make it? What is their secret that other women should benefit from?

However, after mindfully reading their stories, I observed two things that were common among all of them. The first was a success and the second was PASSION. Yes, all of these women cracked the Passion code!

What is Passion?

Passion is this positive energy. With it, you can succeed at anything. Many women entrepreneurs have been successful in the fashion industry or cosmetic companies, maybe because women, by nature, love nice clothes and makeup. Or maybe because society has directed them that way. Recently, more and more women are making names in brand new diverse sectors, from technology to media to finance, all guided by their passion. Most of these names were not born privileged and their lives were not a bed of roses. Nevertheless, they all were brimmed up with passion, motivation, and enthusiasm to work, and hence they achieved.

Your Dose of Inspiration

Fidji Simo- Instacart CEO

Turn your PASSION into a high-performing machine

Discover Yourself: Introspection, self-awareness is the very first steps to achieving anything. Explore your potential. Understand your forte and, most importantly, what you enjoy doing the most. It is all about knowing deeply your dreams, your values, your definition of success, and what you look forward to with joy. This will ultimately help you attain your inner peace!

Aim big but start small: Your passion will excite you consistently and for a long time. If you get bored or tired after a short time, then it’s not a passion rather a passing fad. If you really found your passion, then start small and progress slowly and surely but keep your dreams big. The positive energy in you will never let you get tired. Keep walking towards the goal even if the steps are small. The success will come slowly or quickly but as long as you keep at it, be sure it will come.

Keep your eye on the prize: It’s important to set your goals and stay focused to achieve them. subdivide your goals into practical and targeted missions. Focus on what serves your main vision then outsource or get help for the rest if needed. This way, your time and mental energy will be saved for what matters the most to what you want to achieve.

The strategy pays off in the long-term: Strategy is a set of actions and a roadmap that serves to take you closer to your goals. Devise the right high-level strategy based on your knowledge, document a detailed and practical plan with short-term goals, intermediate that will merge into the long term.


I will use a word overused that really applies here: It will literally and materially CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Authored by  Afsheen Khan  for Fujn

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