Art is one of the fundamental elements of human civilization. The earliest documented art dates back to prehistoric cave paintings. Art has been used by us for survival, religion, and entertainment purposes since the beginning of time. It helps us create our future by influencing how we look at the past. Priya Yabaluri is the artist this article focuses on.

Despite having such importance in the world, the life of an artist can be a difficult one. As people believe that one cannot be financially successful in art. Even if their work gets recognition, they still can’t earn enough from art. Though, in today’s world, it is just a myth. Time has changed greatly and artists are tasting success, fame as well as wealth. 

Story of an artist - Priya Yabaluri

Story of an artist – Priya Yabaluri

Priya Yabaluri and Art in India

It was a difficult status to achieve back in time, especially in conservative countries like India. Where people only appreciate careers that pay well. Creativity doesn’t have a place in society. Still, despite the hurdle, Priya Yabaluri, the famous Indian artist made her career in the field without taking any help, without having any family background. Priya achieved it all because of her dedication and perseverance. Let us know the story of this celebrated artist:

I’m Priya Yabaluri from the city of dreams, Mumbai. I work as a conceptual abstract artist and apart from it I write books, organize art events and publish art magazines to promote art and artists. I belonged to a middle-class nuclear family and my childhood is full of art memories. 

When I was young, I used to draw all the time, it kept me calm. Back in time, I remember there were no computers or smartphones. The world was very different then. I’d draw different things and excel in art. Along with art, I’d actively participate in sports and other curriculum activities. I was good with academics too but art held a different position in my heart. 

Still, I went ahead and choose Science over art because people said there is no significant career in art. As an artist, you will have to struggle to earn money. There is no point in going forward with the stream. I cleared the medical entrance but decided to drop it because of my hemophobia. After getting a degree, I realized how wrong I was in my position. I left art because I was afraid of struggling or maybe because I was afraid of what people would say about my career. However, these reasons were not strong enough to give up on my passion. 

Story of an artist - Priya Yabaluri

Priya Yabaluri- a Successful Self-made Artist

Priya Yabaluri: a Hardworking, Self-made Artist

I got married and my husband supported my work. He encouraged me to follow my passion and that’s when I took it seriously and started working on it. I turned back to art and pursued my master’s in interior design. It took years of hard work to build up my career in the art industry. I participated in exhibitions and art workshops and these art events uplifted my career growth. A lot of people think that artists have a great life and they are always relaxed. This is not true at all, especially in the beginning as you struggle to make ends meet. 

When I was younger and trying to break into the industry, I used to be so frustrated with the lack of opportunities. Sometimes I’d struggle with my art pieces as well. As an artist, it is impossible to imagine everything, no matter how hard an artist tries. An artist needs to be very careful in choosing what she/he imagines and paints. Otherwise, it might turn out to be a ridiculous idea! A painter’s work should have an inner logic and make sense.

As an artist, while painting your imagination you play many roles. You are the painter who chooses what colors to use, and the writer who decides how to reveal your story. You have control over every aspect of your artistry so you must choose wisely, because even though you can change it later on, you may not want to start from scratch. Your work is a reflection of who you are and what you think. How you imagine life. It takes hard work of hours, days, months, and sometimes years to create a masterpiece.

Story of an artist - Priya Yabaluri

Courtesy of Priya Yabaluri

Priya Yabaluri’s Success

I did invest that much in my career. As a result, I tasted ever-lasting success and fame. Throughout my career, I have been a part of over thirty-five groups and solo art exhibitions in our country. I have also displayed my art pieces in countries like the UK, Germany, St. Petersburg, Moscow, France, London, Paris, and Dubai. In 2015, I launched my brand named Art for Awareness under which I write and publish articles, books, magazines about art. I organize art events to support amateur artists. I’m the only Indian artist who creates music and paints it too. Earlier, I exhibited my Pink Floyd (British Band) solo show ‘Endless River’.

I’ve partnered with United Nations UN75 to organize awareness programs by conducting Art Exhibitions to cover social, ecological, environmental, global, and cultural issues. My work has been acknowledged by famous artists and organizations. For my contribution to the art industry, I have received National and Global awards in 2020-21, Excellence Award 2021 by the India Book of Records, and the Emerging Entrepreneurs Award by Global Summit, Yashasvi Excellence Award for being an Eminent Artist and Start-Up Entrepreneur 2021. Along with it, I was selected to represent India in the International GTA Global Talent Eminent Artist and Entrepreneur Award in Dubai.

Art as a Career

My choice of career as an artist is my path in life and it has been a great journey. 

I am a self-taught artist who has been drawing for as long as I can remember. Art has played a great role in shaping my life. 

If you also want to be an artist then remember my advice. The journey of an artist is often a long and arduous one. One must endure years of torment and rejection before one can hope to achieve fame. 

With the emergence of social media, it is easier than ever for artists to share their work with a broader audience. However, working in the right direction plays a key role in this journey. One should learn from his or her mistake. That’s the best way. Keep trying and keep experimenting. That’s the key to success.

Authored by Aashna Chawla

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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